Located on the northeast edge of Springfield, Missouri, Robthom Holsteins has spent the last century working to better the Holstein breed.  We are committed to a breeding philosophy that focuses on Longevity and Production.

A Few of Our Favorites Over the Years

Robthom Integrity (EX-96 Gold Medal)
One of a quartet of exclusive bulls from which more than 1.5 million
units of semen have been sold.

Robthom Suzet Paddy (EX-95 3E GMD DOM)
5-9 365 59,300 3.9 2297 3.2 1925
The world-record holder for production in 1994.

Robthom Moscow (EX-96 Gold Medal)
Since 2007 the super popular proven bull at Select Sires.

Robthom Patty Royal (EX-94)
All-American 2-Year-Old 1982
HM All-American 4-Year-Old 1984

Robthom Francine (EX-95)

Robthom London Innovation(EX-94)

Robthom History

In 1905, twin brothers Frank and Fred Thomson moved from Howard County (Iowa) to a farm near Springfield, Missouri, switching their Angus herd to dairy cattle.  Although southwest Missouri was a Jersey stronghold, the Thomsons had left Iowa where Holsteins where definitely more popular.  Frank and Fred decided to stick with the more productive breed of Holsteins. 

Frank’s son, Robert Thomson Sr., reserved the Robthom prefix in 1933.  Milking both grades and registered at that time, a severe drought in 1936 forced the family to cut back on the herd.  Only registered cattle were kept, and it’s been that way ever since.